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1. We donate over 100,000 sample garments per year to local charities.

2. At boohoo we belive in supporting local charities and communities. We have over 20 local charities that we help support on a monthly basis.

3. We hold regualr SWAP SHOPS and sample sales for our staff to repurpose samples.

4. Our dispatch bags are made from recycled content and are recyclable.

5. We have gone paperless with all our returns.

6. As a member of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, we are working with other brands to help reduce our environmental impact.

1. Re-wear your boohoo garms and accessorise in different ways.

2. Rework your garment and make a new one – e.g. make that tee a crop!

3. Shop our For The Future collection - update your new season style and do your bit for the environment! 4. Swap your clothes with your besties when you want something new.

5. Donate to charity shops when you can.

6. Take care of your clothes – wash them less, keep that temp low and air dry to save £££ on that electricty bill.

1. As a proud member of Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, we work with other brands on ways we can do more good for the environment. We've also joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and continue to work with our partners to help them reduce their impact and do good for the environment.

2. We work closely with our suppliers to help ensure that any offcuts of fabric are repurposed and used again, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

3. We buy in small quantities and so the percentage of stock that doesn’t sell through is low, meaning we can sell outstanding stock items to third parties to be sold as seconds or give items to our recycling partner, reGAIN. This ensures we have no waste.

4. During the Coronavirus outbreak, we have donated thousands of basic items of clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, PJ’s, tights, socks and footwear) to medical staff to wear under their scrubs or to relax in when they have finished their shifts.

5. Our Ways To Wear content gives you inspo for wearing your fave pieces more than once, and our regular For The Future collection gives you the fashion you need using recycled fabrics.

6. Our parcel bags are recyclable and we're working with our partners to reduce the impact of the rest of our packaging and have operated paperless returns since 2018.

7. We're giving our warehouse a new look by adding solar panels and, as you’d expect, we only purchase renewable energy across our sites.

Our guide helps you to extend the life of your items and care for the planet. Below is a range of actions that you can take to reduce the release of fibres from washing clothes and to be kinder to the environment whilst still looking great – win win!

1. Wash lessOnly wash clothes when they need it, most of us are guilty of washing too much.This will prolong the life of your clothes.
2. Fill it upWashing a full load results in less friction between the clothes and saves on your electricity bills.
3. Keep it lowWash at a low temperature; this helps to reduce micro plastic fibre release and also helps to reduce CO2 emissions.
4. Bin itWhen cleaning the dryer, do not flush the lint down the drain, throw it in the bin.
5. Speed it upAvoid long washing cycles as long periods of washing can cause more friction between fabrics.
6. Look for eco labelsMany of the chemicals used in detergent have a negative environmental impact, so picking a good one makes a difference.
7. Air drySave energy and £ by air drying

Click through our how to wear, 1 item 3 ways content below and see some other things we have been up to, to ensure you look great and we do good.